The Best Neighborhoods In Calgary to Live in 2020

July 30, 2019 Shauna

Looking for apartment to rent in Calgary but not sure which neighborhood to live in? Don’t worry here is your guide to the best neighborhoods to live in Calgary. Want to find your next apartment to rent faster? RentWell.Ca has plenty of house rental options! 

Just in case you missed it, Calgary recently finished in fourth place among 140 cities in the world in an annual ranking of the world’s most livable cities. The city is renowned worldwide for annual Stampede that is known as the "greatest show on earth" and houses headquarters of top global oil and gas companies. The city also boasts a well-diversified population with residents from over 100 countries calling it their home. 

Over the last several years the slowdown in oil and gas industry has impacted housing prices thus making Calgary one of the most affordable cities with apartment or house rentals to rent across north America. Whether you are looking to move the city and renting long term or just visiting short term, you have lot to choose from for your rental options. Looking to rent but don't have a credit history? check out our this blog "How To Find A Rental House In Canada With No Credit History?" for your options!

Here are our ranking for The Best Neighborhoods to Rent in Calgary in 2020!

  1. Beltline
  2. Arbour Lake
  3. Signal Hill
  4. Edgemont
  5. Crescent Heights
  6. Aspen Woods
  7. Bridgeland Riverside
  8. Britannia 
  9. Brentwood


1.    Beltline, Calgary

The Beltline community in Calgary is located south of the downtown core ranked number one for best neighborhoods to live and rent in Calgary. This neighborhood is perfect for those wanting to be immersed in the energy of the Beltline (events, pubs, restaurants, etc.) and also for those working in the core.

Location: Beltline is a popular community located closed to downtown core. The area also includes popular 17th Avenue market with a number of different rental options including apartments, condos and townhouses.

Amenities: With many trendy shopping options, variety of restaurants with great many choices to satisfy your taste buds as well as many different shopping options with Walmart, Coop and Safeway all in proximity. There also TD Core shopping mall close by directly linked to downtown LRT system

Why it’s popular: The area can be considered walker’s paradise for people working downtown with walk score of close to 100!  Its popular for its nightlife with many restaurants, pubs and entertainment options for the young enthusiast 

Notable schools near Beltline:  Connaught School | Western Canada High School | St. Monica School | St. Mary's High School

House rental costs: With so many dining, shopping and entertainment options in close proximity as well as advantage of walk to work if you work downtown, Beltine is ideal if you are looking to rent a condo or an apartment. The rent for a unfurnished 2 bedroom ranges between $1600-1950. Start Your Rental Search Here!


2.    Arbour Lake, Calgary

Arbour Lake has been ranking up high for several years on residents list of the best neighborhoods to live in Calgary. But it’s what’s inside this neighborhood that really counts, particularly the residents’ association members-only beach around the community’s eponymous lake. 

Location: This northwest community is well situated for getting around the city and getting out to the mountains. 

Amenities:The community in the northwest of Calgary that has is it all! A pristine lake brimming with rainbow trout, neighborhood parks, a regional bike and walkway path carved through rolling hills.

Why it’s popular: The community is popular as it offers a plethora of family friendly amenities, spectacular mountain views, exclusive community lake and great connectivity to downtown core as well as close drive to the mountains.Not surprisingly, Arbour Lake also benefits from a high community-engagement score. 

•    Notable schools near Arbour Lake: Arbour Lake School | Royal Oak School | Robert Thirsk High School | Hawkwood School

House rental costs:The community offers a great deal of rental options ranging from single family homes to townhouse and condos. The average rent for a two bedroom apartment or home for rent $1600-$1800. Start Your Rental Search Here!


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3.    Signal Hill, Calgary

Signal Hill is a popular southwest neighborhood for professionals as well as families with growing children.  It contains the residential neighborhoods of Sienna Hills and Signal Ridge.. 

Location: It is bounded by Sarcee Trail to the east, 17th Ave to the north, Glenmore Trail to the south and the community of Spring bank Hill to the west.

Amenities: The community offers plenty of shopping centers in close proximity including Westhills Towne Center, Signal Hill Center, West market Square to name a few. The area is also home to several renowned public and private schools, a public library, LRT train station and family recreation center. 

Why it is popular: It offers homes with breathtaking mountain views, lot of green space and neighborhood parks with a low crime rate. Signal Hill is a wealthy neighborhood, with one of the highest median household income and is closer to the downtown core with just 10-15 minutes drive or train ride which ever you choose for your commute.

•    Notable schools near Signal Hill: Griffith Woods School | Rundle College Jr/Sr High School | Battalion Park School | Ernest Manning High School

House rental costsThe community offers many different rental options ranging mostly from single family houses, townhouses and condos.  The average price of a 2 bedroom rental in this neighborhood is $1,700-$1800.  If you are looking for a house rentals for rent or apartment rental in Calgary, Signal Hill should definitely be on your list to check out! Start Your Rental Search Here!


4.    Edgemont, Calgary

Edgemont is a residential neighborhood in northwest Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is located north of the community of Dalhousie.

Location: Edgemont is located in the north west part of the Calgary anc closed to the popular Nose Hill park. But Edgemont has more going for it than just its proximity to this favored destination of cyclists, runners and owners of energetic dogs. The elevated position of Edgemont (1245m at its highest) provides views of the city to the south and the Rocky Mountains to the west.

Amenities: Shopping Plaza, World Health Gym, Schools, Parks, hospitals and Walking Paths at short distances. Community is ideally connected with city roads for easy access to downtown core or a short car drive to the mountains. 

Why it's popular: Healthy community involvement could be due to the fact that the neighborhood is comprised primarily of single-family homes occupied by the homeowners. That pride of ownership, in both home and community, is likely one of the reasons Edgemont can also claim a reassuringly low crime rate, well below any of its fellow top-five.The community is also popular for quality of schools in the area.

•    Notable schools near Edgemont: Edgemont School | Tom Baines School | Mother Mary Greene School | West Ridge School

House rental costs: The community provides an ideal location for both the growing families with school going kids as well as working professional couples with range of rental options. 2 bedroom apartment or home for rent in the community ranges between $1450-1650. About 12-14% of the residents rent in the community.  Start Your Rental Search Here!


5.    Crescent Heights, Calgary

Crescent Heights is in the inner city, immediately north from Calgary Downtown. Crescent Heights benefits from being close to downtown, with the walk ability and transit access that is unbeatable. A variety of amenities and good community engagement also helped this ’hood rise in the recent rankings. 

Location: Crescent Heights is located Just north of the Bow River and is one of the most desirable communities situated close to the downtown. It also home to McHugh Bluff Park, which offers one of the most picturesque views of the city’s skyline.

Amenities: Crescent Heights is close to SAIT a popular education center, it also has good primary and high schools and vibrant shopping options on 16 Avenue as well as North Hill mall at a short distance. 

Why it’s popular: Proximity To downtown, walk ability, tons of shopping options, family friendly neighborhood. 

•    Notable schools near Crescent Heights: Langevin School | Crescent Heights High School | Balmoral School | Stanley Jones School

House rental costs: The area has recently been changing with newer single-family homes, modern dwellings, and huge cliff-top estates. A 2 bedroom apartment or condo for rent can range between  $1600-1800 monthly. Start Your Rental Search Here!


6.    Aspen Woods, Calgary

The southwest community of Aspen Woods is highly desirable area that offers proximity to downtown core yet has easy access to mountains. The area has tons of things to do for the active renters with a system of walking / biking pathways, trails as well as lots of option for green spaces and parks.
•    Location: Aspen Woods is bounded by West Springs on the west and Springbank Hills on the east. It offers short 15 minutes’ drive to downtown or about 30-35 minutes if you like to use newly established LRT train station.

•    Amenities: Aspen Woods benefits with variety of shopping options on both 85th street as well as high end shopping plaza located at Aspen Landing that has virtually everything from Starbucks, grocery store, banks, schools, restaurants as well as medical clinics that you need and more!

•    Why it’s popular: Residents love being closed to all the amenities area offers for growing families as well the short distance to mountains. The neighborhood also boasts having  a number of high ranking schools and educational institutes aside Westside Recreation Center that offers so many options to be active for both kids as well as adults. This makes the area very sought after for both parents with growing kids as well as active professionals

•    Notable schools near Aspen Woods: Dr. Roberta Bondar School | Webber Academy | Rundle College Elementary School| Olympic Heights School

House rental costs: The community is primarily residential and offers both single family homes, townhomes as well as apartment condos. Cost of rentals in Aspen Woods is slightly higher than some of the other neighborhoods mentioned in this article. The rent for a 2 bedroom home can range from $1950-2300 due newer homes and more beautiful neighborhood. If you are looking for house rentals or apartment for rent? Start Your Rental Search Here!


7.    Bridgeland Riverside, Calgary

Bridgeland-Riverside, formerly known as Bridgeland and Germantown,[3] is a neighbourhood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is located northeast of Downtown Calgary.

•    Location: It’s located north of the Bow River and the east by Edmonton Trail and overlooks downtown. St. George's Island is home to the Calgary Zoo, Canada's second largest zoo. It is also the site of the Telus Spark,

•    Amenities: Bridgeland contains a variety of restaurants, food markets, retail shopping, offices, financial services, churches and schools. The Calgary Zoo, Telus Spark, The Bridges with access to pedestrian pathways (the Bow River pathway) and parks are unique focal points for the community and accessible by Calgary LRT system.

•    Why it’s popular: The community offers a number of recreational facilities, educational institutes, vibrant and trendy shopping and easy access to downtown core with just 6 minute of driving or short 15 minutes using Calgary transit.

•    Notable schools near Bridgeland : Christine Meikle School | Delta West Academy | Langevin School | Stanley Jones School |

House rental costs: The community offers a variety of rental choices from apartment, condos and duplex. The rent for a 2 bedroom home can range from $1350-1550 Want to rent in the area? If you are looking for house rentals or apartment for rent?Start Your Rental Search Here!


 8.    Britannia , Calgary

The southwest community of Britannia is an affluent and one of the safest residential neighborhood to live in the southwest quadrant of Calgary with one of the most sought after pin codes in Calgary as well as Canada! The average home price in the area is 2.78 Millions. Only if it was more affordable, it would definitely be very high in our list of best neighborhoods to live and rent in Calgary!

•    Location: Britannia packs a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance and centrally located. It shares its boundaries with Elbow Park, Elboya, Altadore and Windsor Park. 

•    Amenities: Britannia is close to downtown core as well as easy drive to hospitals, shopping malls, golf course, good public and private schools as well as well connected to public transportation From the start, Britannia was created as a luxurious neighborhood to be inhabited by wealthy residents. 

• Why It's popular: Britannia is not only Calgary's but also one of Canada's richest neighborhood!On average the household annual income is $1,452,094, while the average household net worth in Britannia is $7.02 million. Also Residents in Britannia have the highest average annual household income of any Canadian neighborhood. 

•    Notable schools near Britannia: Elboya Elementary Junior High School | William Reid School | Elbow Park School| Emily Follensbee School |

House rental costs: The community is primarily offers single family residential homes that are mostly owned and occupied. The cost of a single family rental home in the area ranges between $3000 onward. Though availability of houses or apartments for rent in the area can be typically very less since the community has a very high ratio of owner occupied homes!rentals in the area can be quite scarce. If you are looking for house rentals or apartment for rent? Start Your Rental Search Here!


 9.    Brentwood, Calgary

Brentwood is another great neighborhood in the northwest quadrant of Calgary, Alberta that is both popular and very desirable for renting community both professionals as well as homeowners. 

•    Location: Brentwood is bounded by John Laurie Boulevard to the north, Crowchild Trail to the south, Shaganappi Trail to the west, and Nose Hill Park to the east. Brentwood was established in 1960.

•    Amenities: The community boasts of several parks, schools, recreational facilities and shopping centers that helped it to stay on top of the rankings. The neighborhood ranks well also due to the community feel with lots of amenities, established businesses and parks.

• Why It's popular: Its very well connected with both downtown core as well as to mountains. Calgary LRT transit has a train station in the community that is well served and used by people working in the downtown core. You can also drive quickly out to the mountains using TransCanada highway. 

•    Notable schools near Brentwood: Brentwood School | Sir Winston Churchill High School | Simon Fraser School| Banff Trail School |

House rental costs: The community offers variety of renting options starting with single family residential homes, apartment buildings and townhouses. About 18% of the buildings in the community are apartments or condominiums and about 30% of the residents are renting in the area. The cost of renting a 2 bedroom condo in the area ranges between $1400 and $1700. If you are looking for house or apartment for rent? Start Your Rental Search Here!

If you are seeking your next apartment or house rentals for rent in Calgary, you definitely have great options just to suite your specific needs. Additionally the rents in Calgary are very reasonable and have not moved much over the last several years while the rents in bigger Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto area have been on the upward march. 


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