8 Tips To Rent Faster Your Dream Home in Calgary!

May 02, 2019 Shauna

In Calgary, the demand for rental homes has been slowly but steadily increasing year over year over last few years.  The vacancy rate has significantly declined from 2018, and average rent are slowly inching up from the previous year. If you are looking for house or apartment for rent in Calgary should be prepared for some real hard research to land yourself your dream rental home. Want to rent faster? Here are 8 handy tips from our Alberta based rental market professionals to help you rent faster your next rental in Calgary.

  • Tip No. 1 : To Rent Faster: Determine the Rent You Can Afford

Before you begin your search, create a budget and find out what you can afford to pay for rent. Ideally, your rent should not be more than 30 percent of your gross income monthly. In fact, RentWell.Ca, the rental website focused for Alberta landlords and renters also offers this simple yet effective Rent Affordability Calculator and goes further to provide you options that meet your target budget based on your affordability. This way you filter out a lot of apartments and houses not making the cut, ensuring your search is more efficient and targeted to help  avoid making the mistakes that many renters actually make. The renters who don't have a planned budget either end up spending too much time and effort going after rental  homes only to realize they can't afford them and have to start their search back from scratch.

One pro tip - don't bank on last stage negotiation with landlord to gain substantial savings! With one of the lowest rents across major Canadian cities, there is generally not much more that landlords can afford to offer unless they are really motivated. So be prepared for negotiation just don't bank on it and have a clear budget for your rental home in mind, based on your affordability and comfort level!

  • Tip No. 2 : To Rent Faster: Choose The Best Location You Can Afford

Once you have your target budget all worked out, the next thing you want to do is some research on neighborhoods and narrow down the few ideal locations where in city you want to live. There are various online tools that can make this task very easy. Actually RentWell.Ca, the Alberta focused rental website also allows you to map search apartments and houses for rent in Calgary. This way, you can easily filter out available house rentals within close proximity of your workplace, hospital, school, shopping malls and other important amenities you need e.g do you need heated underground parking, south, east facing windows or need walking distance to transit? The search tools can also give you an idea of the average rental costs in the area. Once you have shortlisted the locations, you will be able to search more efficiently and quickly.

  • Tip No. 3 : To Rent Faster: Start Looking Early

Now this may sound counter intuitive or a common sense but we suggest you start your search at least 2-3 months in advance ideally. This is especially true if you are looking to move in the busier spring or summer months when typically house and apartment rental in Calgary go quite fast! Rental experts point that inventory of rental homes in Calgary is often highest during the month of May, June and July and typically at the end of the month.This is especially true in more desirable areas that have better community amenities such as closer to good schools, hospitals, universities or better connectivity with LRT and transits. Also consider your planned budget you have in mind and neighborhoods you would prefer to rent in. This would allow you to make sure you have enough time to find the house or apartment rental that is right for you. 

Getting your timing right will actually help you not only rent faster in Calgary or for that matter in most cities but also rent at better rates because you are not desperately looking and have negotiation room. In addition, if your lease is currently on month to month you may be required to pay advance notice (typically one month in most cases) to your landlord, ensure before you do that, you have finalized your next rental home, have completed needed processes and have lease agreement in place. So that is the best time to start looking for your next dream rental home.


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  • Tip No. 4 : To Rent Faster: Where To Look

Once you have shortlisted your potential neighborhoods and decided on the budget, you can now start checking the best rental websites catering to Calgary. Some usually start with popular local classified sites such as Kijiji that can be a great place to look for shared rooms and bachelor pads or basements. Many renters also search local groups on Facebook as well, because it is a regular hang out online place for many prospective landlords and rental agents. However note that while inventories there could be more, you have to be more diligent to verify the landlord identity and property ownership to be extra careful. 

Then there are also specialized online rental websites that list apartments and houses for rent in Calgary. These include mainly Rentfaster.ca, PadMapper.com, Viewit.ca and our very own RentWell.Ca. These are some of the best rental platforms in Calgary because they not only have more rental listings and streamlined the rental search processes but have also built sustained customer trust over the years. Cast your net as wide as possible so that you do not miss out on any new listings and you find a rental apartment of your choice quickly.

Tip No. 5 : To Rent Faster: Bring Your Checklist

After you have found a few apartments that meet your criteria, set aside a day or two for viewings. To rent faster in Calgary, you must look to achieve the right balance of amenities, cost and other important factors such as proximity to school or hospital and your daily commute time. So, make a check list of things that are really important to you and things that are desirable but you can do without them.

Tip No. 6 : To Rent Faster: Be Prepared and Move Fast

Make sure you don’t have to miss out on great apartments for rent in Calgary because you don’t have your paperwork in order. For this purpose keep your current copy of credit score, employment letter and previous landlord recommendation ready and be upfront about these with your prospective landlord so that you are ready to sign the lease as soon your landlord asks for these and so you can land rent your  dream apartment or house faster!

Tip No. 7: To Rent Faster: Get professional help

If you are looking to rent faster in Calgary, stay assured that you will have many options. However, the search can be long and tiring. It is in your best interest to get help from an Alberta real estate professional, who can save you time and effort, and ensure that you find your dream home as soon as possible. Many of these property management or marketing services companies such as LeaseWell can market your rentals across several rental platforms  and amplify the best aspect of your property across their thousands of social followers. In addition they would do most of the leg work for you to find desirable tenants, doing showings and credit checks, helping with rental lease as well as move in inspections for you. Therefore if you are a busy professional or a rental property investor having a property management company or agent by your side would not just be the fastest way to rent in Calgary but also the most convenient one!. 

Tip No. 8 : To Rent Faster: When renting with pets

Apartment hunting is tough and it can be more stressful if you have a pet companion. Some landlords do not prefer renting out to tenants that have pets. Landlords may have many different reasons for keeping their properties pet free. They may have had a bad experience with a prior tenant or they may be concerned about the pet damaging their property. Landlords in some provinces such as Alberta can refuse to rent out to someone with pets. So be upfront with landlords from the start. Talk to them about your pet. If the landlord is skeptical about having pets in their apartment, you must try your best to prove that you are a responsible pet owner.

Bonus Tip  To Rent Faster: Rent In Slow Season

I know the most popular months for tenants to move is April - May or September-October and those are also the months where competition for the prime rental properties is high. Not just that you are expected to pay up to 10% more rent for the same apartment or house rental than if you rented it in the slower months. Renting in the the slower months also means that there are higher level of rental property inventory in the market so less competition and hence comparatively lower rent! Therefore consider and plan for moving in off peak rental season for less stress and keep more money in your pocket. Just remember that it may not be for everyone.  To plan and have a smooth move, check out Ultimate Moving Checklist For Renters on our blog pages!       

Offer as much information to your prospective landlord about your pet. Your pet profile should Include a description of the breed, size, current photo, training details, proof of vaccinations and anything else that you find necessary. Make sure you carry all the documents to prove that your pet is well behaved and not a trouble maker. The idea is to present your pet in the best light so that you have better chances of landing the best apartment or house for rent. Positive references from past landlords should also go a long way to convince skeptical landlords to consider. 


Ask landlord these 4 things before you rent!

When renting you need to understand primarily two things, one what is the cost of renting upfront and what you would pay every month! Sometime the later is not same as the former and comes to many renters as a surprise how much they end up paying more than what they estimated the cost of renting! No worries, you can get a better handle on this by ensuring you confirm the following 4 questions with your future landlord and have them in writing as well.

A. Are the utilities included in the rent?

Most single family houses for rent require renters to pay the utilities themselves while most multi family apartments for rent have some forms of utilities included as part of the monthly rent. Smart renters not only make sure what they are getting and if possible try negotiating to get a better deal.

B. How much is the damage deposit

Again if you go with conventional knowledge most houses and apartments for rent in Alberta require the landlords not to charge more than 1 months rent as security or damage deposit for their rental property, however if you have great credit history and awesome references, most landlords looking to get best tenants for their rental properties would be happy to negotiate the security deposit lower than that. It means lower upfront cost for you to move in to your next rental home.

C. Is laundry included?

Most apartment building either do not cover this expense or provide commercial laundromats within the rental apartment building. On the other hand most single family houses and townhouses provide this as part of the monthly rent. Please check before signing on the dotted line

D. Confirm if parking comes with rent

Most house and apartment rentals that advertise with parking provide at least 1 parking stall either covered or uncovered. However if you bring two cars with you, you may be charged extra every month for the additional vehicle that cost can certainly add up for your in some cities where parking comes at a premium. It's better to confirm ahead of time or find out if there is ample safe street parking near your rental building.


Are you a landlord with house rental or apartment for rent in Calgary, Edmonton or anywhere in Alberta looking for good tenants? Or you are a renter whose apartment search seems like an unending task? Looking to rent in Alberta? Rent faster with RentWell.ca, the best rental website to put an end to all your rental woes! Try it is simple, safe and also free!


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