12 Ways To Plan a Smooth & Easy Move!

December 16, 2018 Sam

Are you currently renting and plan to move in near future? Moving houses can be a difficult task. While you might think packing all your belongings is as easy as pie, you should get a dose of reality. You are not only going to be packing items into boxes but your whole life! In fact, during the process you might realize how many valuables you forgot about that you still own. Planning is crucial if you want to complete the move smoothly and without any major obstacles.

Here is a useful guide to help you effectively relocate to your new home:

1. Keep a Handy Notebook

A small notebook will come quite handy when moving. You can keep it with you all the time to note ‘things to do’, stock post-it notes on pages as reminders, and make planning notes.

2. Research

Performing effective research is the key to spending less and moving efficiently. Whether you want to select the right mover or find the right packing boxes, research will help you save money.

3. Make a Budget

It is important to calculate how much you want to spend on moving to your new home. Keep a budget in mind and try to stick to it. The budget will help you make important decisions, such as hiring movers or not, and whether you want to throw away your items or put up a yard sale.

4. Choosing a Mover

You may be tempted to choose a mover based on price alone, it could be a big mistake. You really want someone you can trust with all of your personal belongings. Spend some more time to check and be diligent: ask around friends or family for recommendations and look for accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. You can also ask them to provide you references and talk to those references about their experience. 

5. Seek Family & Friends Help

It is always good to get some extra help on the day you move. Ask friends and family in advance to book their schedule. They can help you in many ways, from lifting heavy objects to packing all the stuff into different boxes.

6. Organize 

Moving homes is a great opportunity to separate the useful stuff from the useless. Once you identify things that you do not need anymore, get rid of them. This will save you space in the new house and require you to pack less stuff than before.

7. Group the Items You Wish To Move

Collect all your belongings, such as clothes and appliances, in one place. Then sort everything into different categories, such as items to clean, items to pack and the like. This will help you organize things before the move.

8. Pack Early If Possible

If you are like me and decide to pack boxes yourself, start with items that you don't often use. It's also a good idea to build an inventory of boxes and other loose items or furniture to make sure that everything transported by the mover arrives. Once boxes are full, don't forget to label the outside with its contents, you must also indicate if the boxes are fragile and write which room the box should be placed in at the new location. I am sure getting organized ahead of time will save you a lot of hassle on the moving day.

9. Plan the Perfect Date to Move

If you plan in advance, you will be able to pick the day you want to choose well ahead of time. Movers who provide better service are often busy for weeks ahead. Hence, it is important that you plan your move well ahead of time. 

10. Decide The Route to Your New Place

You do not want to waste time figuring out a route to your destination on the day you move. With so much going on in your mind, you might not be able to figure out the shortest or the easiest path. Hence, figure out the best route well in advance of your moving date.

11. Find Or Get Packing Boxes

Grocery and liquor stores always keep some extra empty boxes for movers like you. This saves them the cost of throwing away a large number of empty boxes. Before moving, visit your local stores and ask for used boxes. You will be surprised how much you are able to save on your packaging cost through these free boxes.

12. Schedule Utility Services 

Don’t forget to disconnect your utility services before moving out of the house, else the new occupants will enjoy free electricity and gas! You need to tell the providers in advance and give them a date as to when you want them to shut electricity or other utilities.

Moving to a new location can be exciting as well as a big challenge if you do not plan properly. With above simple tips, you can make the home moving process hassle-free and convenient for yourself and your whole family!


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Sam is passionate about real estate and frequently writes in online industry magazines columns. The views expressed are her own.